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We are not just an average plumbing company like the ones you are used to. We are not the type that values money over personalized service. We are not the kind of company that comes a week after your request. With such a wide market backing, we are an ever focused company that will continue offering the great service to an even larger scope than any other provider in Singapore.

Plumbing Replacement & Installation

We offer that which will make you refer a friend to us for more services. If you have been wondering why we don’t tout our services too much, it’s because we let our clients do it for us. We believe that a plumbing company that settles for nothing less than offering the best to its customers has no need to market itself. To give you clear picture of what to expect from us, here are some plumbing services we provide at very affordable rates.

Piper installation, repair and replacement
Well, if you are struggling around on how to get the best water services for your family, then look no more. We have excellent packages that cover pipe installation, repair and even replacement. There is no underestimating the impact of a broken pipe to your bills. You need a company that acts fast to replace the leaking pipe. The danger of consuming contaminated water due to leakages is nerving enough for most Singaporeans. However, getting the perfect plumbing service provider can be stressful at times. This is why we offer you a package that will not only serve best to the water system, but also help save some money. Our qualified and experience staff members can work on any types of pipes including Gas, copper and galvanized pipes.

Unclogging sewer lines
It is awful to have a blocked sewer line for more than 5 hours. It make your house smell bad. Furthermore, it risks disease outbreak as it harbors germs that could infect your kids and the rest of your family members. Though we may not arrive in an hour to help deal with the situation, we always ensure that our clients get prompt service as soon as they can. We cover a very large part of this country thus where the clogged line is won’t matter. Our skilled team cleans the pipe and fixes them the way they were for an efficient normal functioning sewer line.

Plumbing Services

Bathtub, Faucets and Sink repair and installation
There is no doubting the usefulness of these structures in any home. The only concern is that, often, they get blocked or wear out thus calling for replacement. For perfect repair of your bathtub or sink, one needs to have the backing of a well-equipped company. We have been installing and repairing these structures for a long time now. Our equipment and tools can only be rated as the best in the industry. Combine this with our ever willing team and your will have a perfectly packaged service provider.

Draining and installing clogged showers/toilets
Having been in the market for so long, we clearly understand the problems most Singaporeans are face with. Among the top problems are clogged toilets and showers. When these occur, they indeed make things tough on you. Imagine what a clogged shower would do to a family of four. Add on a clogged old toilet and you will be facing a crisis. With your approval, we can install a new toilet and shower at a comparably fair price than our competitors. We advise most of our clients to let us buy the whole set for them so as to ensure a fairer overall cost.

Disposal services
Are you wondering on how to deal with garbage inn your home? Well, here is a clear answer to consider. We do offer monthly, bi-weekly and weekly garbage disposal services for you. You just have to choose on which package feels good to your household habits. There are those families pile up garbage to be disposed after one month. While other people may luck such large storage facilities that may last for such a period. You are thus advised to settle on a package that suits your needs.

Tankless and standard water heater repairs
Do you have any problem with your water heater? Well, count yourself very lucky as every one of us has this issue. The only difference is in the way one handles it. If you don’t want to miss out on your warm refreshing showers on those wonderful evenings, then you need to check your solve this faster. We have a special team that deals in tankless and standard water heater repairs to ensure that the system work best at all times.

Consultancy services
We don’t only install or repair clogged pipes, toilets or sinks, we have a special experienced team of experts who help our clients with consultancy services. Most of the experts have worked and still work for us, thus have information about the real problems affecting Singaporeans. Whether you want advice on the best home drainage designs or just some do-it-yourself tips on how to fix minor plumbing issues at home, our experts can do all that.

Effective emergency response
As you may have seen, some of the issues mentioned above may be dangerous enough to cause health hazards. While most companies offer services on weekdays alone, our determined team of plumbers operates 7 days a week to serve you every time you are faced with an emergency. Some of these issues are unpredictable. A pipe can break any time so is a sewer line. That’s why we thought being there for our customers when they need us is the best thing to if that is not enough, we offer a performance based warranty to out new customers. This is to ensure that we give you better service than ever. You don’t want to get your pipe repaired today, only to start leaking again after 4 days!

Finally, there is no need to worry about drainage issues anymore. If you are in Singapore and you are faced with any of the above mentioned plumbing issues.

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Looking for reliable plumbing services? Toilet or kitchen leaking problem troubling you? Searching for 24 hours emergency plumber?
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We were recommended by our friends to try out Plumbing Services Singapore for our plumbing needs. We have got a toilet leaking issue that needs to be address quickly. We called them up and to our surprised. they arrived within 60 mins and got our leaking problem solved. Great service and workmanship.
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Plumbing Services Singapore - Your one stop solution for all Residential & Office Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services Singapore - Your one stop solution for all Residential & Office Plumbing Services

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Singapore Leading Home & Office Plumbing Services

Singapore Leading Home & Office Plumbing Services


We Are Specialists in Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Plumbing Repair, Plumbing Replacement and 24 Hours Plumber

We Are Specialists in Residential Plumbing, Commercial Plumbing, Plumbing Repair, Plumbing Replacement and 24 Hours Plumber

Call Us Now! Mobile: 8488 8444. Office: 6844 8444
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