7 Mistakes To Avoid On Commercial Plumber

In commercial premises, plumbing system is very important aspect that should not be ignored. Having a properly functioning plumbing system will keep the premises free from damp and free from health issues that arise from poor plumbing. In addition, proper plumbing will help to maintain your property because poor plumbing system can damage the building structure. A well-maintained plumbing system will give your employees a piece of mind because they are sure they are working in a place that is safe and secure. This will ultimately improve their productivity. There are several other benefits that come with a well maintained plumbing system. You will be comfortable when you cannot flush your office toilet or the smell that come from office toilet that has not been flushed. Plumbing system consists of the pipes, knobs, valve and drains that distribute water to your commercial premises and also the drainage system that drains dirty water to the septic tank. Unfortunately, many people do not recognize the importance of a well maintained drainage system until it fails to work. Are you contemplating on renovating your office, the following are the 7 mistakes you should avoid when hiring commercial plumber.

Commercial Plumbing

Going for the cheapest plumber

The common mistake that many people make is going for the cheapest plumber in the market. Although the price is definitely a factor that should be considered when hiring commercial plumber, the quality of work should never be compromised. Although such plumbers will offer services for little money, you should also mind of how they will react if anything unexpected happens. To start, the cheapest plumbers hire inexperienced technicians without or with little knowledge of the plumbing. They also end up paying their technicians peanuts or inadequately. Thus, the service you should expect from such plumbers is poor, and they will never stand behind their work. Although you may pay less, you will end up paying more at long-run. No doubt, the good feeling of low charges will go before the stench of poor services starts to show up. It is very good to always get plumbing services from the experienced plumbing services provider. Although they may seem to be expensive, quality work is guaranteed. In addition, plumbing services from a reputable company comes with up to 12 months warranty; in case something awful happens within the period covered by the warranty, they will come for redo free of charge.

Avoiding regular maintenance services

Another fatal plumbing mistake that many people do is avoiding regular plumbing services from a reputable plumber. Many people will not hire a professional plumber to inspect the plumbing system until the system gets damaged. By then, there are many plumbing issues that need to be fixed, and the cost will seem to be very high. It is very important to ask for a regular plumbing system maintaining services. The plumber will inspect the plumbing system and fix any issue before it gets out of hand. This will save you from the heavy replacement costs. Advisably, you should have a certain plumber who will be inspecting the system frequently, probably after 3 or 6 months.

Commercial Plumbing Service

Having more than 3 plumbers

Although many people think that hiring more than one plumber is good, this has its own disadvantages. For example, when you become loyal to one plumber, you are likely to receive other benefits. For instance, they are likely to provide quality work as a way to retain you. They are also likely to offer good prices and in case of emergency, they will not hesitate to come. They will always work hard to provide quality services that are over and above your pay and expectations. They will also understand you plumbing systems and your plumbing needs. It is good to have your plumber who will be servicing the plumbing systems. However, quality is the key. Don’t hesitate to look for a plumber who is offering quality services if the current plumber services are poor.

Ignoring the referrals

If you are looking for a plumber in Singapore, you should ask for referrals from your friends and colleagues who have recently sort plumbing services. If the services they offer is recommendable, they are definitely worth hiring. Internet can also provide information on the best plumbers in Singapore. You should look at the customer’s reviews and also ask the plumber to provide the names his/her recent customers. Because plumbing is a very important service that you will be looking for regularly, you should consider visiting some of people they have offered plumbing services.

Not asking for the plumber’s area of specialization

Although professional plumbers can fix different plumbing issues, it is very important to ask for the plumber’s specialty before hiring them. Some plumber can specialize in installing hot water systems, central plumbing system, unclogging the hard to reach drains or just troubleshooting among many other plumbing niches. However, you can also get a company with plumbers who have specialized in different niches. It is good to hire company that offers full package of plumbing services. Always inquire about plumber’s specialty before hiring them.

Hiring a plumber who is not licensed and insured

Another common mistake that many people commit is hiring a plumber who is not licensed and insured by the relevant authority in Singapore. If the plumber is not licensed, this a good sign that they are not worth installing or repairing the plumbing system. The work they do regardless of whether it will stop the problem or not is not quality and the problem will come back very soon. If you hire a plumbing contractor who is not licensed, you are liable to settle any damage that they may cause. Always hire licensed and insured plumbing contractor.

Not inquiring about the guarantee

Not asking for the guarantee is another common mistake that people looking for commercial plumbing professional do. When hiring a commercial plumber, it is very important to get a decent guarantee that covers you in case anything awful happens. As stated earlier, professional plumbers services come with up to 12 months warranty. If anything happens within the warranty period, they will come for redo free of charge.

If you avoid the above seven plumbing mistakes, you are likely to hire the right plumbing contractor.

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