Common Causes Of Leaking Toilet

There are many times that the toilet disappoints and you just do not know what to do. It becomes costly to call the plumber every other time for small repairs like toilet leaking problems. Not only is this a costly venture but toilet problems can be wasteful and messy. The good news is that with the right information you can be able to fix most problems and get your toilet in working conditions in a matter of minutes. In other instances you might need to get the help of a professional plumber to make sure that you do not worsen the problem.


Phantom Flushes

This is the name given by plumbers when referring to a toilet problem that cuts off and on by itself. You might hear the toilet start to fill all of a sudden by itself as thou it has been flushed by someone. This is normally caused by the tank leaking into the bowl. This leak is brought about by a malfunctioning flapper. The flapper is the part that lets water flow to the bowl whenever you flush. You might want to check the flapper for damage and replace it in case it is worn out or cracked. You can identify it by pulling on the flushing handle; it is a lid like device that is attached to a chain that opens a passage of water at the bottom of the cistern. If the flapper is not broken or worn, then carefully clean it and place it back to its position. Let the water fill the tank and observe.

Slow emptying of the bowl

For a proper functioning toilet, water should flow to the bowl in a gush to give it enough pressure to push anything in the bowl down the drain. Sometimes this is not the case. This problem is known as a weak flush. Weak flushes are caused by clogged outlets under the rim of the bowl. You can use a curved wire to remove debris from under the bowl. It is likely that you may not be able to see under the bowl, use a small mirror. While at that, you might also unclog the siphon jet at the bottom of the drain to make sure water can flow freely through it.


The loathsome clog

Toilet clog is the second most common problem after toilet leaking problem. There are several ways that you can clear clogged drains. You could use a force-cup plunger which the most practical and effective method. The bulb of the cup plunger is inserted into the drain forcefully and pumped severally. Flush the water to make sure that it flows.

Water trickling into the tank

Water may constantly trickle into the tank through the supply line. In this scenario, you have to check the refill tube, the ball cock, the float and the inlet-valve assembly. You may hear a constant hissing sound that is usually caused by water sipping through a faulty inlet valve. Follow this procedure to contain water tickling into the tank:
· Check the if the float needs to be adjusted or is fitting well into the inlet unit.
· Make sure that the refill tube is not immersed too deep into the overflow tube. The correct position of the refill tube is that it should go ¼ of an inch below the rim of the over flow tube.
· If this does not work then replace the whole ball cock assembly. At this point it is advisable to get a plumber handle it.

Leaking Toilet

Leaky seals

Any toilet leaking problem is caused by leaking seals. A standard toilet unit has not less than five seals that have the potential for leaking. The largest of all the seals on a toilet is between the bowl and the tank. A break in this seal will always cause a major leak because water passes here at high pressure with each flush. The only solution for this problem is the replacement of this seal. This may require you to draining and uninstalling the whole tank. Turn the tank to get access to what is underneath. Remove the aged or broken seal and place in a new one. Restore the tank and fill it with water. Flush severally to ensure that the problem is fixed.

There are other smaller seals at the base of the ball cock and mounting bolts that may cause smaller but cumbersome leaks. You can carry out replacement procedures on these to stop the leaks. Be sure to tighten mounting nuts and bolts from time to time to contain leaks.

One final leak is the one beneath the toilet base, mounted on the plastic flange. Water leaking from this seal will cause the floor underneath it to rot. This might require you to get professional help from a plumber. This is simply because to replace this seal, you might want to remove the toilet because caulking the area at the base of the toilet will make the matters worse.

The key to successfully ensure that you do a successful job is to get as much information as possible. Ensure that you have the right tools and fixtures before you start to avoid leaving the work half done.

To avoid toilet leaking problems, ensure that there is a routine check by your plumber to identify and resolve failures before they become bigger than you can address. Professional plumbers will recommend what you need to do and help you to take preventive measures that will go long way into preventing future failures.

Every time you undertake repair procedures, be keen to use genuine parts. Work carefully using the right equipment to ensure that you do not spoil other parts that function properly.

Make sure only clean water gets into the tank to prevent failures of parts inside the tank. Avoid throwing anything that may clog the drain into the toilet. Don’t throw pieces of clothes or other such material that may to move with the force provided by the water.
When doing installations, make sure that you shut off the water that flows to the toilet tank to avoid wastage and messing up the washroom.

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