How To Replace Kitchen Water Basin?

Singapore with its tropical climate, sometimes uniform and often high temperatures, and abundant rainfall has a high humidity throughout the year. The climate, which is characterized with monsoons and major rainfall, has a significant effect on the plumbing and materials used. We take a closer look at plumbing and moreover on how to replace a kitchen water basin. Kitchen basins are replaced more frequently in some Singapore homes as oppose to bathroom basins, which are used much less and not placed under much strain. When you spend an average of sixty percent and more time in a kitchen, you need to make the right decision in relation to materials. A kitchen basin for example comes in a myriad of bowl combinations, shapes, designs, sizes, and materials. Many homeowners choose their kitchen sink without considering the installation method. In Singapore you have three predominant types of basins, a drop-in or top-mounted basin, an under mount basin as well as an integrated basin.


Integrated Basin

Integrated kitchen water basins are made from the countertop material and part of the countertop as the name suggests. Look at its pros and cons:

# You cannot replace only a basin, but the complete countertop
# Incredibly expensive and prices depend on materials

# Integrated basins are custom made to your choice and specifications
# Aesthetically magnificent with seamless design
# No edges and joints

Under Mount Basins

It has no rim on top of the counter and mounted under the countertop.

# Countertop must be removed to replace the basin
# If the job is not done expertly, water easily seeps into an expensive counter cabinet surrounding the basin
# It is expensive to install as it is glued under the countertop while additional support is also needed inside the cabinet

# It is easy to clean countertops with no debris sticking to the rims
# It is attractive and suitable for most modern kitchen designs with a clean, modern look

Drop In/ Top Mounted Basin

As the name suggests, is this a basin that drops into a counter cavity, with a rim to hold it in place.

# Dirt easily accumulates around a basin’s rim
# It is not considered as attractive as the other basin types

# Inexpensive and easy installation requiring minimum skills
# No need to replace countertops, however it must be the right fit as the old basin that you replace


We take a closer look at how to replace kitchen drop-in/top mounted water basin and the steps to take in sequence.

# You have established that you do need a basin and that it cannot be repaired
# Step one is measuring your water basin in ensuring you buy the right fit
# Most basins are not connected to direct water supply with separate faucets and only have one water drain pipe connected to the basin if it is a single basin
# However, you could turn off the cold and hot water supply if you want to be safe and you should find it under the sink cabinet.
# If you faucet does not block your workspace for example you will be able to remove the sink without removing the faucet, you have a clear path ahead. Other kitchen basins however might require that you remove your faucet and in this case, it is recommended that you do close the water supply first.
# Under the basin, you will see the pipe connected to the basin, which is clamped with a stainless steel clamp.
# Take a screwdriver, loosen the nut holding the clamp, and remove the clamp.
# Now your water pipe is loose and you can push it to the side even though it is still connected to your main water supply.
# Now you move back to the top of the work surface to remove the basin.
# Take a box knife to remove the silicone that held the sink to the counter.

Kitchen Water Basin

# Now carefully remove the old sink from the countertop.
# Take a silicone scraper to remove any additional silicone, but be careful not to scratch the surface where you would apply the new silicone to seal the basin.
# Clean the surface where you have removed the silicone with warm, soapy water and dry properly.
# Take your basin and wipe it with a clean dry cloth to make sure there are no dust particles or grime even though it is new, you never know how long it has been in a store room.
# Turn the basin upside down and apply a thick layer of silicone to the basin’s underside edge. Some people prefer to apply the silicone to the surface instead of the basin and that would make no difference and a matter of individual choice.
# Carefully place the basin into the hole
# Silicone might be seeping out under the basin’s sides and this you wipe off before it dries completely.
# Once your basin is secure, you only need to reattach the pipes and clamps you removed.
# Take the water pipe that you unclamped from the old basin, attach it to your new basin with the clamp, and tighten it well.
# If you had to remove the faucet, now is the time to reattach it as well and tighten any tubing you loosened.
# Your basin is installed and you can open the water supply again if you had to close it and make sure there are no leaks.

As you can see it a basin replacement a job that you could do on a Saturday afternoon, however when you decide it is time to give your kitchen a new look with a new basin, choose your material carefully. Various material include Stainless Steel, which is one of the most popular materials for its durability even though it shows water spots easily and scratch easily. Enamel- over cast iron and Porcelain are popular materials too and available in a selection of colors, shapes and styles. The downside of these materials easily damage and chip too even though it resists both hot and cold objects equally well. Ceramic is another durable basin material, but also quite expensive. A basin material that is resistant to stains and very tough is composite basins. Make the right choice when selecting your water basin for your kitchen.

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