How To Prevent Aedes Mosquitoes

Aedes mosquitoes are the prime cause of dengue fever and are the main carrier of zika virus. The whole world is grappled with these mosquitoes and deadly virus carrying capabilities. The World health Organisation has declared emergency in recent times owing to that. Singapore is no exception to that.


Singapore has always been the best place to live in the world. Most of the people flee away from their country to live in the country. The outbreak of dengue and now the zika has made everybody cautious about the mosquitoes.

From various researches, it has come to light that aedes mosquitoes are born and grow in places where water remains stagnant for quite some days. There is no medicine for treatment of the diseases caused by the mosquitoes except to prevent these. If you can successfully stop water logging in your home, you can be successful in avoiding the threats caused by the mosquitoes.

This is article is dedicated to successful prevention of the aedes mosquitoes.

Keep a check on all water damages caused by the leaks in your plumbing system

There are various places in your house which are prone to getting leaks in the water pipes. Some examples of leaking prone places are sinks of bathroom and kitchen, pipes of dishwasher and washing machine. At times the dripping taps also become the cause of concern for you which dampen the wall. Apart from all these pipes and sinks, there are also some hidden pipes in your home which you are not able to see but those may be a serious cause of concern. There are many ways in which you can address these problems.
* As you know about the leak prone places, you should always try to keep a check on these places.
* As soon as you get to know about a problem in your plumbing system, you should take actions to solve it. It is easy to solve a system which starts to show problems in the beginning. If you delay the problems further, they will become bigger and cause trouble for you like never.
* It always better to refer these cases to some professionals plumbing service providers instead of trying to handle all by you.

Aedes Mosquitoes

Clean and clear drainage systems keep the mosquitoes at bay

* Don’t throw the eatables in the sink

Everybody has a habit of throwing food and other eatables in the sink for the purpose of disposal. This habit can be pretty dangerous for you. The food items get deposited in your drainage system after passing through the sink. This causes serious blockage in the drain. The water doesn’t flow properly and becomes a very good breeding centre for the mosquitoes.

*You should throw oil and other fats in separate places

Most of the people throw hot oil in the sink. This can turn out to be disastrous habit. The oil mixes up with the water in the drain. This process can make the water thick and again restrict the flow of water through the drainage system of your house. This will lead to make your drainage system a good den for the mosquito breeding.

* You should make a habit of cleaning baths, shower and bath drains regularly

You can always clean all the drainage system connected to your basin, shower and baths. You should clean them along with the drainage system. The whole idea of cleaning is not allow the remnants to get deposited in the system and block water flow. You shouldn’t forget to use good cleaning agents while cleaning the premises of your house.

* There should always have good connectivity between the drainage system of your house and central drainage system

It is essential to have the drainage system of your house connected to the central drainage system. Your job is not finished here. You should check that the water is flowing properly out of your drainage system to the central drainage system. If you see any anomaly, you should seek the help of the plumbing service providers to ensure smooth passage of water from your drainage system to the main drainage system.

Prevent Aedes Mosquitoes

* People sharing common drainage system should be more careful

When people share the same corridor and drainage system, they tend to be careless. Everybody tries to push others for taking initiatives to clean the drainage system. This pushing act continues until people get affected by the virus. There is no way out after you get affected by the virus. It is better to take preventive action when you have ample time.

* Put a cover on the drains

Always put a cover on the gutters. You shouldn’t use cheap covers for the drainage system. You should ensure that the covers are not perforated. This allows you to install mosquito valves to help you protect yourself from the threat of aedes mosquitoes.

Rain water can also be a cause of dengue mosquitoes

If the rain water flows seamlessly through the drainage system of the city, it is pretty good. If the rain water remains stagnant in some places, it can really be a cause of concern. You shouldn’t let the water to stay steel around your house. Apart from that the drainage system of your house needs to robust in order to handle the gushing flow of rain water.
You should always remember to repair your house in a timely manner. Sometimes water remains on your broken tiles and water overflows from the drainage system. These situations can make serious situations for you. You should immediately address these concerns.

Change water from the flower vase and pots containing plants

If you have flower vase in your home you should change the water in that on daily basis. Fresh water doesn’t allow the mosquitoes in breed. If you have potted plants in your house, you should loosen the soil of that pot. This process doesn’t allow water to remain in the pot. Most of the water that you use to water the plants gets soaked by the soil and the soil become hard.


Most of the preventive measures to stop the breeding of aedes mosquitoes revolve around your water handling capabilities in your house. If you fail to do so, don’t forget to call the plumbing professionals in your locality.

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