Questions To Ask When Hiring A Plumbing Service

 Whether you're looking to fit a new home, replace the pipes in your old one, or just have your routine maintenance performed, getting down to the business of hiring a plumber is going to cost you time and energy. The alternative is a shot in the dark with your phonebook, hoping that the first call you make will solve the problem at hand. If you're in an emergency situation, the urge to panic may be overwhelming. Certain individuals might be happy to take advantage of that state. This is why it is important to form a relationship with a plumbing company ahead of time, before the problem arises and know exactly what services they provide. Whether you're on top of the situation, or in desperate need of assistance, these are five of the best questions to ask when calling up your local plumber.


Finding a licensed local plumber at a reasonable price is a difficult task if you do not already know one in your area. By asking several key questions when interviewing local plumbers for emergency plumbing services, you can find the right person to give you the high quality work at short span of time

* Research the company or plumber you are letting into your home before you hire a complete stranger to do your work. Some important questions to ask when hiring a plumber should be kept in mind. It is crucial to your safety and the maintenance and upkeep of your home that you fully understand who you are hiring before you actually hire them. It will require a little investigating to sort the good plumbers from the bad.

* People depend on their plumbing working correctly and want to avoid making a small problem into a bigger one. Unfortunately, many people also wait until they have an emergency and then pick the first name they see in the yellow pages. This is a good way to be unsure if the work being done is worth the money and if it is being done correctly.

* One of the questions that you should ask is whether or not they are properly licensed. Having the proper paperwork will ensure that you get the plumber that has been trained to do the right things to get the job done.

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* Ask if your local plumber provides written job estimates. Get at least three written estimates of the plumbing work you need, from different local plumbers. If there are big differences between the estimates, ask them why. Keep copies of all estimates in a project folder or binder for future reference

* Finding out ahead of time if your plumber has 24 hour on call service and what would be the cost of such services should also be at the top of your question list. Be sure to check references. If the plumber you have chosen comes highly recommended by others he has worked for, it is a good sign you have made a good choice. While it is best to have your plumbing service selected well before an emergency occurs, it is important to know if they offer a 24-hour emergency service. When such an event does arise, it is critical to have your man on the scene to mitigate the damage as soon as possible. Some companies offer services within two hours and start billing on arrival. Knowing the exact response time may end up saving you a fortune.

* If you are calling a company that has several employees, you will want to know if all of their plumbers are licensed. This is to ensure that you are not being sent a trainee or someone who does now know how to do the work specified.

* Fee and charge questions are always important and should be remembered. You will want to ask about the various ways you can be charged an extra fee. For instance, ask whether or not there is a travel charge, overtime charges, and fees for necessary repair parts. The most vital fee question would be how much the charge per hour is required.

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* Check out whether or not the plumber you are considering has a website. The website is a useful tool in finding out as much background information as you can find. Websites often have customer comments and recommendations. Ratings and comments from previous customers are an excellent way to know extra information about the plumber or the company, like whether they are friendly or reliable or on-time.

* Plumbing is a critical part of home maintenance. Knowing how long to expect from your plumbing systems can be a very important factor in determining your long-term finance. Family health and safety and the value of your house are important factors as well. Some independents and reputed firms will guarantee their work for 30 to 90 days. Larger companies may give guarantees of one to five years, depending on the nature of the work. The knowledge that their work and your systems may have a lifespan of over twenty-five years, with regular maintenance every five could definitely make the difference when choosing between competing companies

* Get some kind of estimation on how long it will take to get the work done also. This may be one of the questions that people either forget or hesitate to ask. It may be only an estimation of time but you need to know so that in case of an emergency, you can be sure the plumber you have chosen will be able to get to and finish the work quickly. Checking references against the claim of the plumber will give you a good view of what they can accomplish.

Looking for the services of a plumbing professional should be a great experience when you know what to check. Even when you have an emergency project at hand, you need not worry at all. Ask a few selected questions carefully when you want to hire a reputable plumber.

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