The Dos & Don'ts On Plumbing Installation

For any home, pluming is the most crucial work and if you don’t do it properly, then you can end up having various complications in your house. When you do any kind of plumbing installation in your house, then you need to it wisely so you can have better outcome with it. For better plumbing, there are some dos and don’ts that you need to follow for better plumbing installation and I am sharing those dos and don’ts with you in the below mentioned article.


Dos about plumbing installation

Know the right pipe size:

For your home plumbing installation, it is extremely important that you do check the pipe size as per your requirement. If you will choose a pipe size that is big then it will not give enough pressure to you and you would not be able to get the required outcome with it. Same is the case for smaller piper size as well and if you choose pipes that are very small in diameter, then it will not give enough water to you. Hence, make sure you understand the pipes size before starting your plumbing installation work at your home or other place.

User fewer fittings:

Problems in your plumbing are directly proportional to the fittings. That means if you have more fittings, then it’s going to give more problems to you in your plumbing and if you have fewer fitting, then off-course you will have fewer number of fittings for same. This is very important thing that you must remember to avoid any kind of trouble or complications. So, there is a simple rule, avoid the extra fittings unless you really need them for your home plumbing.

Use fewer curves:

More the curves or bands in your plumbing, less the pressure of water will be for you. If you will have a lot of non-important curves or bands in your plumbing installation, then it will reduce the pressure for you and it will also increase the chances of water leakages from those joints or bands. Hence, this is a simple rule that if possible you should avoid use of bands as much as possible. That will certainly help you get the best outcome with utmost simplicity and you will get better result as well.

Plumbing Installation

Check leakages:

This is important that you check all the possible leakage points after your plumbing work is completed. If you will not check it at the time of installation, then later you might find more problems with it. If you notice there are some problems in the installation, then you should try to finish the leakage issue without any delay. That instant reaction or work will make sure you do not get the problems in the future. So, make sure, you keep this also in your mind at the time of plumbing installation in your house.

Turn of water while working:

Many people think they can do the plumbing work without turning off the water. This is a stupid idea and you should never think about doing it. For better outcome, you should always turn off the main water supply while installing anything in your home plumbing. If you will keep the water running, then it will be next to impossible task for completing the plumbing work for you. Turning of water will make sure you do not get any kind of troubles in your work and it will also make sure, you disturb your home as less as possible.

Don’t about plumbing installation

Don’t start work without permission:

In Singapore, you must need to take permission for the plumbing work. Specially, if you live in condos or in hdb home, then you have to take permission for same from authorities. If you don’t take the permission, then things will be negative for you and you may face some legal troubles or complications. To avoid this issue it is a simple method that you take all the necessary permission from authorities and you follow the rules as per their guidelines. If you are not aware about the rules, then you can ask for that from the authorities and you will surely get all the details from them in a document or in other method.


Don’t drill without proper diagram:

Drilling in your walls without any proper diagram is the biggest plumbing mistake that you can do in any situation. If you will do this, then you might accidently make a hole in the existing pipeline or you might damage the electrical conduit pipe. If you damage the water line, then you will need to do digging to fix the issue and if you damage the electrical line, then it can cause serious current issues for your house. So, make sure you follow this suggestion as well to avoid any kind of trouble or complication.

Don’t bend pips too tightly:

Some people think making pipes to tightly is not a problems and that’s what they do in their plumbing work. This is definitely a big mistake that can lead you to a damaged pipe and poor installation of your plumbing work. So, it is strongly recommended that you do not bend it and if you don’t have any other option apart from such bands, then you should take proper good quality band for that. This will help you get the best outcome without any trouble and you are going to have really good outcome with utmost simplicity.

Do ignore a plumber:

Ignoring a plumber is the biggest mistake that one can do for home plumbing installation work. If you have a minor project like changing your tap or something similar to this, then you can do it by yourself, but if you have a bigger work, then you should hire someone expert for this. That expert will do the installation work for you in much better way and he will also make sure things are installed properly. Other than this he will also make sure you get the same in budget as you are not going to buy extra material or tools for the installation work.

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