What Are The Most Common Toilet Plumbing Problem?

Are you having problems with your toilet plumbing? Do not worry; you are not alone. Many homeowners tackle plumbing issues on a daily basis. The toilet is a household product that is used every day and therefore needs to be serviced properly. The recurring problems have to do with plumbing and can be fixed easily. Here are some of the most common plumbing problems:


.Clogged toilet –

when you flush large items down the toilet, it might get clogged up. A build up of waste is another culprit for backed up toilets. A clogged toilet is one of the most unpleasant plumbing problems to deal with. However, you can fix it for yourself using a plunger. If this does not work, then you might need to use a snake tool to navigate the pipes and release clog. If all else fails, hire a plumber. A blocked toilet is not only unhygienic but it can also lead to myriad problems, including mold. You do not want to add mold issues to clogged toilet ones.

.Running toilet –

after flushing the toilet, does it keep running? Running toilets are another common problem in plumbing. Typically, a toilet runs when the flapper valve – which is found inside the tank – allows water to pass from the tank into the bowl. This usually happens when the fill tube is loose or the float is imbalanced. . How can you find out if this is the problem? Perform a dye test by adding food colouring to the tank once the water stops running. After a few minutes, check whether the toilet bowl is colored. This proves that the water is leaking into the bowl. If so, the flapper is not properly sealed and it needs to be replaced. You need to hire an expert plumber. Attempting to fix it yourself can cause more damage.

.Leaky pipes –

this is a common problem all year round. A pipe leak is most likely to start near the joints, so you need to look out for wet spots on the ceiling or ground. The pipes connecting to your toilet can start leaking for any number of reasons. Therefore, you must fix them as soon as you notice them to avoid more problems. If you let the problem go unfixed for a long time, it will cost you more when repairing water damage.


.Toilet not flushing completely –

a toilet that does not flush fully makes it hard to keep the bowl clean. If you have to flush it multiple times, you end up wasting water. What could the problem be? Check the chain lift first. Inspect the chain lift for too much stretch or slack, which makes the flapper not rise enough to allow water into the bowl to produce a complete flush. Clogged rim holes can also be cause of your grief. When lime clogs the holes in the bowl, it results in decreased water volume and pressure when you flush. You can unclog the holes using a toilet cleaner designed to get rid of lime. If you cannot solve this problem yourself, get in touch with an expert plumber.

.Toilet leaks/loose at the base –

if you hear a squishing sound after sitting on the toilet, you might have a big problem. If the toilet also feels wobbly and rocks when you sit, you need to fix it as soon as possible. This problem occurs when the wax seal that attaches the toilet fails. When the seal is not functioning, water will start leaking to the floor, resulting in water damage. To fix this problem, caulk needs to be applied to the base of the toilet. Do you think your floor is not level? The caulk will create a nice solid base that reduces wobbliness.

.Weak flusher –

toilets that were made between 1994 and 1997 have flusher issues. Toilets that were constructed before then have problems with hard water deposits clogging the siphon jet hole. You can fix the hard water deposit issue at home by cleaning the sediment. However, there is not much that can be done about a weak flusher. You might need to replace the entire toilet.

Toilet Plumbing

.Low toilet bowl water levels –

if after flushing the toilet, you notice that the water in the bowl is dangerously low, you have one of two issues. The water may be moving because of a clog. In which case, you need to use a plunger to unclog your toilet. The other issue occurs when you have a crack on the bowl’s piping or in the interior colon. If you have this problem, your entire toilet needs to be replaced.

.Suction noises –

do you hear suction noises emanating from the tub or sink after flushing the toilet? The problem is that your vent pipe may be clogged. To confirm this, you need to check the vent pipe with a flashlight. You can do so by placing a flashlight on a rope and lowering it into the vent pipe. Once you find the clog, you should clear it by running water down the vent pipe. Once you get rid of the clog, your toilet will start flushing normally without making any disturbing noises.

.Slow filling tank –

if your tank takes a long time to fill up, you might have a shut off valve that is partially closed. To solve this issue, open the valve completely to aid the flow. If this does not work, disconnect the supply line from the toilet valve and try to fill a bucket. If no water comes out, then your water supply is restricted. If nothing works, you should seek help from a qualified plumber.

The bottom line is that toilets have many parts that need to work together. So when looking for a problem, you need to check the gasket, flapper, handle, and holes around the rim. Instead of attempting to fix one component, you need to look at all of them together. The most cost-efficient solution is to replace the whole toilet, so that you can only deal with it once. However, before taking this step, you need to consult a plumber.

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