Plumbing in Singapore and All You Need to Know

Plumbing is a necessary exercise in many homes in Singapore. And in the interest of those who want us to start from the beginning, plumbing is basically the art of controlling liquid flow for a vast array of applications. To many homeowners, this activity starts and ends with the unblocking of clogged drains. However, plumbing is a necessary procedure that enhances public health both in our homes and in the entire neighborhoods we live in.


What Are The Different Types of Plumbing Services?

Most people only think about kitchen sinks or toilet fittings when it comes to this topic. To burst the bubble, plumbing as a service entails way more than that. The most common plumbing services offered are listed down below:-

Sewer Repair -
Sewer issues are totally gross and major worries to deal with. Slow draining causes dirty water to stagnate, making up for a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Foul smell from sewers can severely affect the mood and environment at our homes. Plumbers can visit, inspect and repair your sewer issues with ease, thereby saving you lots of public health issues you could have been exposed to.

Drain Cleaning -
How many times do we let solid stuff go into our bathroom and kitchen sinks? Numerous, certainly. The drains are made up to clear water and get clogged when trash flows through them. A good plumber has the ability to clean up your clogged drains with specialised tools to get them functioning flawlessly again.

Toilet Fixing -
Toilets are one of the places that receive the highest traffic in our homes. As a result, they face various issues and problems like over flowing and leakages. One of the major services professional plumbers offer is the fixing of toilets. They have the know-how on what is required to be done in all of the problems that toilet systems face; from blockages to replacement and installation of new parts.

Leak Repair -
Leaks have been known to spring up just about anywhere in our homes. They could be in our kitchen plumbing systems, in the toilets or even in pipes that run through our walls. Regardless where they occur, two things are guaranteed; water will be wasted and the structural integrity of your home could be compromised. However, there is no cause for alarm as leak repairs is one of the major plumbing services professional plumbers are trained to undertake.

Water Heater Setting -
Water heaters are a necessity, especially during severe chilly weather. A cold shower in the morning is not what many people love. That's why plumbers offer water heating settings as well. They can rightly connect the pipes and other stuff so that you get piping hot water as and when you desire.


When To Call A Plumber?

There are a lot of DIY plumbing tips and tricks out there but many of them can land you in injuries and thousands worth of dollars in repair. So, when actually should you call a plumber? Some of these scenarios are explained below.

Pipe Burst -
During chilly weather, frozen water expands and bursts the pipeline. Thousands of dollars can be lost in water-related damages if the situation is not attended to with the urgency it deserves. The bursts are also usually hard enough to locate and you would require the professionals to help with that. A good plumber will be able to locate the leaks, stop the water flow and seal the burst within the least expense of time.

Pipe Blockage -
Pipe blockage is an issue never to be taken lightly. It can easily affect your entire sewer lines and cost you thousands in repair. They are usually caused by dirt build up or necessary items being flushed down the drains. Trying a DIY repair can bring back the sewage into your house or even interfere with the sewer lines of your neighbors.
Skilled plumbers have the expertise and tools required to locate and fix the problem without causing any damage to the system.

Low Water Pressure -
Low water pressure is a very irritating issue to say the least. Who likes to have a bucket fill-up in more than 20 minutes?

There are various supply issues in Singapore but most of the times, it is caused as a result of the clogged pipes or wrong fittings.

Prime Installations -
You know you have the instruction manual or the installation guide at hand. But do you have the required skills? Renovation and shifting require the skills of a pro if you want to avoid damage and expensive repairs.
Relocating pipes and sinks is a work best left to professionals. Attempting them by oneself is akin to opting for expensive repairs and in many cases full re-installation.

How do You Find A Good Plumber?

Hiring the right plumber in Singapore can be a very daunting task. There are a few pointers that you should keep in mind while searching for a good service:-

License -
Licensing is the first issue you should clear up with. The person you intend to hire must be certified and licensed by the relevant licensing agencies. This helps you determine that they are skilled, reliable and legitimate to deal with your problem.

Experience -
Experience is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration when intending to hire a plumber. An experienced plumber will have the necessary knowledge and insight about the various issues you may be facing and the right solutions to them. While giving an amateur a chance on minor problems is alright, make sure to get an experienced one for major repairs.

Technically Sound -
A post-graduate degree in physics is not necessary but the individual must be technically sound enough to understand your problem. Knowing all the aspects about the problems they are troubleshooting will ensure you get work done right. This can be done by questioning the shortlisted person about the problem and evaluating the reply. For instance, if you intend to hire someone to help you unblock your clogged drains, they shouldn’t get right into the job before informing you on what could have caused the blockage. And when they are done with the work, they would offer tips on how to prevent the recurrence of future blockages.

Punctual & Fit -
Time is of the essence when it comes to plumbing work, hence you need someone who can understand the exigencies of time. Therefore, punctuality assurance is a paramount prequalification. Also, they need to be of good shape. A plumber will be required to crawl, crouch and this will certainly require basic fitness. Being on time will reflect the work attitude they have and the quality they provide.


Why Plumbing Is And Will Continue to be Important?

Plumbers have been declared as the most prominent frontline health workers all over the globe by the World Health-Organization (WHO). Strange? Not as much as you think.

Their job description revolves around the provision of proper water and sanitation facilities along with management and care. The motive behind celebrating 11th March as World-Plumbers Day is so that they can be reminded of the enormous task they have been assigned – that of ensuring public health is preserved at all times.

Competent and skilled professional are constantly being trained to devise and come up with sustainable plumbing solutions and systems.

The aim of new systems is to distribute water efficiently along with removing waste. A safe and proper water supply helps reduce risks of water pollution, diseases etc.

Plumbers are and will continue to be front runners in ensuring less water wastage, pollution and contamination.

In conclusion, plumbing might seem like a trivial field to some but it is one of the major professions, not only in Singapore but the world over.

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Plumbing Services Singapore - Your one stop solution for all Residential & Office Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services Singapore - Your one stop solution for all Residential & Office Plumbing Services

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